Saved Hearts

Since 2015, with the You Are Not Alone Foundation’s financial backing, leading medical experts from France have performed more than 130 complex open-heart operations on children from Uzbekistan’s low-income families and orphanages, 21 of which were done in France.


Damir was born with Down syndrome and a complex heart defect. He was suffering from fatigue and was often unwell and sick. In April 2018, with the financial support of Lola Tillyaeva’s and Timur Tillyaev’s You Are Not Alone Foundation, Damir underwent a four-hour open-heart surgery performed by leading cardiac surgeons from France.

After a successful operation and a rehabilitation period, Damir’s health improved significantly. Today, he is an active and curious child thanks to the You Are Not Alone Foundation. He loves to play with his older brother and enjoys listening to his mother reading fairy tales. We wish Damir, now a young and cheerful child, good health and great happiness on his path in life.


Malika, a cheerful girl from Uzbekistan’s Surkhandarya region, was born with a congenital heart defect. For years, Malika was treated in several hospitals without any positive results. Malika’s condition worsened day after day, she needed an urgent operation.

Finding themselves in a challenging situation, Malika’s family turned to the You Are Not Alone Foundation for help. In October 2018, leading cardiac surgeons from France performed a complex open-heart surgery on Malika. The operation was successful operation and today Malika lives a full life, growing up as a healthy and cheerful girl.


At birth, Samandar was diagnosed with a serious condition – a congenital heart defect. With the support of the You Are Not Alone Foundation, leading French cardiac surgeons were able to help Samandar by performing open heart surgery on the boy in 2018.

Today, Samandar is able to play with his friends, run and jump, and grow up a healthy, happy child.

“My son was seriously ill, with a complicated diagnosis. Each time I prayed I begged God to send us some miracle to cure my son. I thank the You Are Not Alone Foundation for their great support,” said Samandar’s mother.