Education Centre

The You Are Not Alone Foundation puts education at the heart of most of its projects. Our priority is to ensure that all children we support have the opportunity to access quality education. We believe that education is crucial for ensuring a better future for children and is indispensable for a tolerant and happy society. This is why You Are Not Alone founded its Educational Centre in 2003.

The Educational Centre encourages and supports children growing up in orphanages to be curious and excited about education. From behavioural trainings to develop a positive attitude to learning, preparing children for their entrance exams, and funding higher education abroad for talented students, You Are Not Alone is promoting a holistic approach to education and learning. 

Specialists at the Educational Centre play an important part in the children’s development. Often taking on a parental role, they encourage the children, motivating them towards higher academic achievements, better overall behaviour and regular attendance by taking a caring interest in their day-to-day progress and helping them develop a positive attitude towards schooling.

Over the past 15 years, more than 2,500 children from orphanages and low-income families as well as children with disabilities have attended classes at You Are Not Alone ranging from sciences and humanities to public speaking trainings and creative skills in dance, singing and painting. Over 240 of You Are Not Alone graduates continued higher education in Uzbekistan and abroad. 

You Are Not Alone’s Educational Centre aims to create a positive culture of learning and boost children’s confidence by treating them as unique individuals, acknowledging and building on their strengths and guiding them to a career path they are passionate about.